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The Taste + Odor (T+O) is an inline pressure system that has the capacity of producing up to 1000 gallons per day. With the three-stage filter design, the T+O will remove dirt, chemicals and other inorganic materials.


T+O is the ideal water filtration option for locations that have low mineral content in their incoming water. The T+O can be used as a standalone filtration unit or as a pre-filter system that feeds to a Reverse Osmosis unit. This unit was designed with a small footprint to ensure you maintain you valuable space.


  • Proudly manufactured in the United States
  • Reduces chlorine, sediment and bad odor
  • Wall mounting with an optional floor mount bracket
  • 1/4 Turn quick change filter for ease of use filter changes

Taste + Odor, 3-20

  • These are calculated averages. The are given in a range due to the diverse nature of our customers. If you have a high output location, you will likely fall towards the shorter end of these ranges. 

    Carbon - 3-6 Months

    Sediment - 3-6 Months

    SRE - 12-15 Months