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The Scale Reduction and Flavor Enhancer (SRE)


We created this product to help our customers with downtime. Scale is one of the most common reasons for systems breaking down and needing repair. This filter helps reduce scale with the added benefit of enhancing the flavor of your beverages.

The SRE filter can be used as a standalone or a plugin to the T+O system and utilized the same mounting system as the T+O system.


  • Manufactured with pride in the USA
  • Removes unwanted taste and odor to leave you with crisp tasting water
  • Scale reduction capabilities to improve your equipment life expectancy
  • 1/4 Turn quick change filter for ease of use filter changes
  • Compact design to fit in tight areas

Filter, SRE

  • These are calculated averages. The are given in a range due to the diverse nature of our customers. If you have a high output location, you will likely fall towards the shorter end of these ranges. 

    Carbon - 3-6 Months

    Sediment - 3-6 Months

    SRE - 12-15 Months