The NEX - 500 Formulator is the answer to water that is contaminated, inconsistent, or simply wanting to create a specified profile for multiple locations across the globe. The Formulator will strip the incoming water of all minerals and contaminents, disposing of them while injecting our proprietary blend of minerals. This will allow the user to create the best water for extraction of coffe, tea, hops, and barley. However, this unique system can also be used to create baked goods. Want a Chicago or New York style pizza in Munich? The Formulator will accomlish this goal while also recreating the best Seattle coffee - all in a days work. 


  • Proudly manufactured in the United States

  • Produces up to 500 gallons per day of reverse osmosis water

  • Seamlessly connects to any size NEX Formulation Tanks

  • Wall mounting with an optional floor mount bracket to easily meet any mounting locations needs

  • Simple and quick filter replacement

NEX - 500 Formulator

  • The RO 500 is a line pressure reverse osmosis system that will produce up to 500 gallons of water per day. Designed to strip the water of unwanted minerals in preparation of remineralizing or blending minerals into the water to create the perfectly crafted water for any shops needs. It easily mounts on the wall with a small footprint to not be intrusive on valuable shop space.

  • We have the ability to customize a system to the specific needs of a customer. Typical customized options:

    - Larger Tank

    - Specified Filter Setup

    - Larger Pump

    Please call us for a quote!