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Designed as a unique reverse osmosis water formulation system to meet criteria where the TDS output mix is to be controlled for food or beverages at a specified level between 50 - 200 ppm TDS. This high pressure, high capacity, 800 gal/day reverse osmosis system is for mid-size establishments. The RO membranes, carbon pre-filter and post-filter housings are all mounted vertically atop the 34 gallon pressurized storage tank to make a compact system for easy installation.

HP Series RO Unit

    • Proudly manufactured in the United States

    • Reverse osmosis unit that will produce up to 800 gpd

    • Precision Blending Valve allows proven control of TDS product water to maintain the optimal flavor profile

    • Able to achieve water efficiency rates up to 80% recovery

    • Easy to Service, quiet operation and compact design for easy installation